Welcome to Stark Investments
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Why consider Stark?  The alternative investment industry is full of talented individuals working in all corners of the capital markets.  There are, however, great differences among organizations in terms of investment style, risk tolerance, firm culture, hiring philosophy and consideration of employee welfare.

At Stark, we seek to hire for the long term as a foundation for both our business model and culture. The “churn and burn” and “up or out” staffing approaches to keeping compensation low, or attempting to enhance performance through a competitive battle for jobs or capital, are inconsistent with the team cooperation and multi-disciplinary interaction we hope to engender. Organizational stability, trust, and an experienced workforce are the pillars of our collaborative model and a key competitive advantage. Moreover, the consistent, solid performance investors look for and the proprietary nature of our investment strategies are potentially impaired by high employee turnover.

Consistency and organizational stability, however, should not be confused with stodginess.  As a multi-asset alternative investment firm in a highly competitive industry, we are continually charting new territory across a wide spectrum of investment strategies.  People thrive and remain here because of the challenge and excitement of working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, no matter which department they join.  “Creative”, “intellectually curious”, “collegial” and “high-achiever” are words used to describe the personal characteristics of people that fit well here.  If you find this type of environment attractive, please explore further.

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